Cleaning clothes the easy way through Dry Cleaning Services

//Cleaning clothes the easy way through Dry Cleaning Services

The aura, image and personality of a person lie in their confidence. One of the biggest ways to boost confidence comes from wearing smart and crisp clothes.

Seems, easier said than done. But with a trusted dry cleaning service around you, it is easier said and easier done.

Dry Cleaning Services in Delhi use a lot of eco- friendly or ‘green’ solvents to clean your clothes rather than water.

There are numerous reasons why dry cleaning services are becoming more and more popular.

Fabric Friendly

Some of the clothes are made of highly delicate fabrics which might get worn out due to usage of a washing machine, dryer or rough hand washing. Dry cleaning involves usage of solvents which go really easy on delicate fabrics. Fabrics like wool or cashmere might require a different treatment for cleansing and these kinds of concerns are taken care of by professional dry cleaning services.

Clothes stay colorful and shrink free

Hand washing of clothes can sometimes lead to clothes losing colors (color bleeding) and them getting faded. On the contrary, dry cleaning preserves the originality of your clothes in terms of size as well as color making them look beautiful and last longer.

Stain Removal

Stubborn stains like that of red wine, oils, coffee, grease or mud might not come off with even two or three washes at home. This problem can be easily and effectively dealt with by using a trusted dry cleaning service as they inspect the stain and use necessary stain removal techniques

Say bye to tedious conventional washing methods

Hand washing of clothes can be quite a cumbersome task. Also, loading and reloading the washing machine takes hours and wastes an important part of your day. Most dry cleaning services provide a free pick-up and delivery of your clothes at your door step. This saves a lot of time; money and effort from the customer’s end. Dry cleaning services make sure your clothes are delivered in ready to wear condition or ready to hang in your wardrobe for future use.

Cleaning Household Furnishings

Dry Cleaning Services not only clean your clothes but also the larger items in your house. These include your blankets, cushion covers, comforters, rugs, upholstery and curtains which is a very long and cumbersome task if done at home. The washing machine also doesn’t support such heavy and large furnishings all at once.

Finishing Touches

Simply washing and leaving them around lead to wrinkling of clothes. Dry cleaning services provide proper ironing, folding and packing of your clothes in addition to just washing them. They are much more than a laundry service. They use special equipment’s for pressing the clothes which clears all the possible wrinkles and gives a crisp and presentable look to all your clothes.

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