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Cotton clothes are precious. Not only they have a 100% natural fiber construction, but, they are also comfortable to wear, allow your skin to breathe and a true blessing in the hot summer days. The easy breezy cotton saves you from the prickly heat of the summer sun as well as keep your skin comfortable from the dryness of harsh winter clothes. Sadly, cotton I also one of the primary material, that I prone to fading. Despite being a low maintenance cloth material, cotton clothing demands some critical care. In this article, we are sharing some tips to prevent cotton clothes from fading and enjoy cosy clothing through every season.

1- Wash Care:

It is important to read the wash care instructions on every garment. There are special labels that tell you whether you should hand wash/ machine wash or send a garment to dry cleaning services for a wash.

2- Temperature:

Never ever wash cotton cloth in hot or even warm water. The hot water can react with the dye, making it bleed and thus affect the brightness of the cloth. It is recommended to use cold water for washing cotton clothing for the best results.

3- Gentle Machine wash:

Machine wash is a harsh procedure and to maintain the cotton clothes, you must ensure you select the gentlest cycle. Also, use mild detergent powders, as chemicals in harsh detergent powders can affect the colour. Often, experts recommend shampoos for washing cotton clothes.

4- Wash Colored and white cotton separately

Always wash coloured clothes separately and even the same colour cloths together. When you wash dark coloured clothes, they might bleed the dye for the first few washes. This dye can affect your light coloured clothes and put you at a loss.

5- Vinegar does the magic:

To prevent cotton clothes from bleeding and retaining the brightness, add one cup of vinegar in one machine drum full of water. This works magic and you can enjoy a radiant wash.

6- Drying instructions:

You must either hang cotton clothes in a line or flat dry them. You must choose an airy and shady location to dry cotton clothes as sunshine might again cause fading.

If you have some precious cotton clothes that demand high-level care, you can anytime contact Laundry Services in Delhi and take advantage of their expertise. Cotton clothing has a range of benefits to offer and with a little care, you can easily make them last forever, with their radiant self.

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