What is Eco-friendly dry cleaning Service?

//What is Eco-friendly dry cleaning Service?

The majority of dry cleaners, about 80 per cent, still use the harmful chemicals today just to reduce their cost. This cleaning just doesn’t involve water. Most of the dry cleaners clean your garments in chemicals that are so toxic the government calls it a hazardous air pollutant and you could be breathing it in without even know it.

It’s called PERC(perchloroethylene), and it’s used by four out of five dry cleaners nationwide. Dry cleaners love it because it’s highly cost-effective without being labour-intensive.

Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning

Eco-friendly Dry Cleaning Services refers to any alternative dry cleaning method that does not involve any use of the chemical. One method is wet cleaning which is a more advanced version of home laundering. Three other green cleaning methods follow the traditional solvent model but use carbon dioxide, hydrocarbon or silicon-based cleaners instead of chemical.

However, of the four types of alternative cleaning offered, only two are considered good and safe for the environment and consumers. They are liquid carbon dioxide cleaning and wet cleaning. If you are looking for the most eco-friendly Dry Cleaners in Delhi uses the best eco-friendly dry cleaning products.

Methods Used by Green Dry Cleaners

Wet Cleaning

Wet cleaning uses water and advance detergents that are milder than home laundry products to clean clothes. Wet cleaners have computerized washers and dryers and professional pressing, steaming, and finishing equipment to help your clothes look their best

Liquid Carbon Dioxide Cleaning

Carbon dioxide (CO2) eco-friendly cleaning uses liquid CO2 as the cleaning solvent along with detergent. The liquid CO2 is formed by placing the non-flammable and nontoxic gas under high pressure. Liquid CO2 is non-toxic and is actually used to provide carbonation to soft drinks.

The process is, perhaps, the most environmentally-friendly because the CO2 is captured as a by-product of existing industrial processes. Since less than three per-cent of the CO2 used is lost into the air with each load of clothing, its impact on global warming is minimal. The process uses less energy than traditional dry cleaning because there is no chemical to heat.

Benefits of eco dry cleaning

  • It is good for the environment.
  • It gives a fresh smell to clothes.
  • It is gentle on garments.
  • It removes stains and dirt completely
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