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Dry Cleaner point offer Laundry Services and Dry Cleaning Services in Janakpuri. It is our family business since 1992.Our first motto is give client quality, convenience at affordable price.

Dry Cleaner point use eco-friendly and less chemical free clean method. Most noteworthy, Same day pick up is offer on request. We provide Carpet clean service,Sofa dry clean, Steam iron, Raffu,even more. We pay special attention furthermore on quality.We perform quality score check .Score include,clean and spotless etc.We use eco-friendly solution and harmless clean agent. The method is safe for your daily work garments. As well as, clothes care is first priority.

First of all, we perform patch test in all cloths. As team know almost all strategies.Therefore gives best care to your clothes. Another, Our technicians are well trained in all clean processes.

The store opens from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m all days. Dry Cleaners point cares concern about the atmosphere. We use modern technology that designed to efficiently conserve energy and resources.


  • Same day pick up is additionally offered upon request!
  • Good cleaning services
  • For fast, dependable, reasonable service
  • Visit Dry Cleaner point we glance forward to serving you
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