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All our services will be done onsite. First, customers drop of their orders. Then the orders will be detailed in the computer system. Third, orders will be sorted for dry cleaning or laundry. After sorting them, the process starts with light colors and ends with dark ones. Finally, orders will be ready for pressing. The procedure of the spot removal will be done before or after the cleaning depending on the type of spot. After finishing, orders will be online for assembling. They will be racked on the conveyor ready to be picked up and paid for. Route orders will be delivered at customers’ homes and businesses.

The Dry Cleaning and Laundry business provides a service which is in demand at all times. At early morning, the customer drops off his or her garment on their way to work. During the morning and afternoon, customers drop off and pick up their orders. In the evening, while driving home, employees stop and pick up their orders.