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Our philosophy is to offer neither discount prices nor high prices. That means the standard cost to launder a shirt is Rs. 50 compared to the high prices in the market, which is Rs. 80. For dry cleaning, the starting price will be Rs.100 and may go up according to the type of fabric, compared with the high end priced market, where the starting price is Rs. 300. With this level of pricing, the company will have excellent sales with a reasonable profit. For the route service, there will be no extra charge.

Our model will include free services. For example, we will make donations to the Salvation Army; pressing the flag for free on Patriotic Holidays, and discounts for nonprofit organizations. Through this, we will build an excellent reputation in our community. We will also make contracts with retail stores to have their garments cleaned and altered with a special discount within an agreement in place.

First time customers will be offered 25% off their next order. A coupon will be attached to their order when they come to pick it up. This is one of our strategies to bring customers back to our business and build our customer base. In addition, customers are not charged extra for same day service.

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